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Junior Group Coaching
Ages 8–13

Now is the time to fall in love with surfing

New Surfer Coaching

A fun, interactive and engaging 90-minute introduction to surfing for juniors 8–13. Kids begin with 30 minutes of dry land training, then hit the waves for their first ride.

Kids learn to paddle, pop up and ride a whitewater wave—a perfect springboard to our Level One & Two Coaching. Limited to groups of 6 surfers. Softboard included.


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Level One & Two Coaching

Level One and Two Coaching focuses on fundamentals like paddling, pop ups and turns on the Bay Waves. Juniors work to build skill and confidence on a board in a 90-minute session with a 6:1 coaching ratio. Softboard included.


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Private Coaching
for Juniors 5–13

Individualized training, incredible results

Bay & Inside Wave Coaching

New Surfers–Level Four Surfers

Juniors advance together in groups of up to three surfers. Our world-class coaches provide tailored coaching across ages and skill levels. Private coaching provides a flexible, rewarding option for all surfers—from level two surfers perfecting pop ups to level four surfers polishing floaters. Softboard included.


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Reef Wave Coaching

Level Five & Level Six Surfers

On the Reef Wave, promising juniors begin to make their mark. One of the longest, most consistent breaks in North America will give juniors high-level training to elevate their maneuvers. Coaching on the Reef Wave is reserved for private sessions with one to two juniors. Softboard included.


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Your kids will thank you.