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Three Waves, Six Levels

Introductory Levels - Group and Private Coaching

Ages 14+

New Surfer: Surfing Basics On The Bay Wave

(Group or Private)

If you’ve never surfed, this is a safe, comprehensive way to learn. Determine whether you are regular (left-foot forward) or goofy (right foot forward). Spend thirty minutes with your coach, learning how to position your body on the board, practicing two different methods for popping up, and repeating the paddle/pop up motion until you’re ready to get in the water. Once you’re in the water, your coach will help you paddle out to get into position to catch your first wave. Your coach may provide an extra push as you learn to paddle into the wave, which will make it easier to catch those first waves. You’ll spend a little under an hour in the water, with the opportunity to catch up to 25 consistent, fun and friendly, white water waves. Almost everyone catches a few waves during their first lesson – something that can be hard to do in an unpredictable ocean environment.


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Level One & Two: Fundamentals of Surfing On The Inside Wave

(Group or Private)

Once you are comfortable paddling into a wave, you are ready to master the basic elements of surfing: lining up, paddling, the jump pop-up, surfing down the line, and turning. Work on your jump pop-up during thirty minutes of dry land instruction with your coach, then move to the water, where you will paddle into the inside wave and catch it on your own. Your instructor will watch your form and provide corrections and feedback throughout the lesson. You will have the opportunity to ride up to 25 waves during your 50+ minutes in the water.


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Advanced Levels - Private Coaching Only

Level Three & Four: Introduction To Performance Surfing On The Inside Wave

(Private Only)

This is an intensive lesson for surfers who have mastered the basics and want to get to the next level quickly. Surfers will focus on advanced paddling, perfecting the jump pop, and learning about the pocket of the wave during the dry land portion of the lesson. Surfers will take off on an unbroken wave, negotiating a steeper drop as they catch the Inside Wave, practicing turning, pumping, and floaters. Surfers will paddle quickly to catch the next wave before paddling back to the take-off point. This lesson is designed to prepare surfers for the reef wave.


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Level Five & Six: Performance Surfing On The Reef Wave

(Private Only)

Level Five & Six surfers will learn how to catch the reef wave and surf the pocket. The dry land portion of the lesson includes a review of the pocket, jump pop ups, the Reef Wave lineup, and an introduction to ocean safety and etiquette. In the water, the surfer will accelerate proficiency on the Reef Wave. With tailored feedback and consistent waves, the surfer will practice bottom turns, cutbacks, and floaters. Specific areas of focus depend on the surfer’s level, as assessed by his or her private coach.


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