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NLand Training Center

Inspiring surfers of all levels, ages 8–80

NLand Training Center Philosophy

We cultivate respect for tradition and push the boundaries of possibility

Group Coaching & Clinics

Accelerated training for new surfers, level one and level two surfers
Skill-specific clinics for level three and level four surfers

New Surfer Coaching

Your surfing adventure begins here with fundamentals like board balance, paddling and pop ups. By the end of the session, you’ll catch your first ride on our white water Bay Waves. Coaches provide accelerated training on Easy softboards in groups of up to six surfers. Board included.

Level One & Two Coaching

You’ll refine fundamentals such as paddling and pop ups and learn new skills like turns and eskimo rolls. You will also move to more agile longboards and funboards. Level two surfers qualify to take part in the Ocean Surfing Clinic. Board included.

Ocean Surfing Clinic

Level Two–Level Six Surfers

Train at NLand, surf the world. The Ocean Surfing Clinic prepares surfers to succeed on waves in various ocean conditions across the globe. Learn how to duck dive, exit a rip current, navigate a lineup and handle rogue waves. Board included.

Catch More Waves Clinic

Level Three & Four Surfers

Paddling is key to catching more waves. You’ll learn the art and science of moving in the water so you’ll never leave a set empty. By the end of the clinic, you’ll be more confident in your approach, positioning and take offs. Board included.

Take Off Clinic

Level Three & Four Surfers

Transitioning from beginner logs to funboards, fish or other performance boards can feel like starting over. Coaches will help you gain speed, body position and balance as you slice and dice the Inside Waves on boards you really want to own. Board included.

Private Coaching

Focused, tailored training for individuals and small groups

Bay and Inside Wave Coaching

New Surfers–Level Four Surfers

Whether it’s your first time on a board or you want a tune up with two friends, private coaching is the way to go. Flexible and accelerated training helps you progress at your pace on the Bay or Inside Waves. Ideal for new surfers through level four surfers. Board included.

Reef Wave Coaching

Level Five & Level Six Surfers

The Reef Wave demands respect. Coaching on the Reef Wave is reserved for private sessions with one to two surfers. The Reef Wave is one of the most consistent, high powered breaks in North America. Through these exclusive sessions, you’ll catch more waves than you ever thought possible, all while learning from the best instructors this side of Trestles. Board included.

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