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Surf Lessons Austin

Our Philosophy

At NLand Training Center, we cultivate respect for tradition and push the boundaries of possibility. New surfers receive accelerated training and dedicated feedback in small group settings, while intermediate and advanced surfers can take private sessions with more tailored training.

“You can actually think about the wave while you’re riding it, which is not normal. Surfing naturally is so quick and so fast; it’s almost over before you have a chance to feel it. This makes you much more present.”

Our Coaches

From Corpus Christi and South Padre to San Sebastian, Spain and Kauai, NLand Training Center coaches ignite a passion for surfing in Austin. They’ve traveled the globe in search of waves, competed in professional competitions, and honed their skills on the ocean’s best breaks. Now, they’ll help you progress on our waves.

“The wave itself felt no different from a real ocean wave — and a fun one at that, with sufficient push to get going and a mellow, clean face that stood up long enough for me to get a very good ride.”

Coaching for Adults

Whether you’re an expert athlete looking to refine your skills or a new surfer hoping to pop up for the first time, the NLand Training Center is the place to train. From dry land training and in-water practice sessions to tailored feedback after your session, you’ll experience accelerated progression in our lagoon.


Coaching for Juniors

Now’s the time to fall in love with surfing. New surfers will learn to paddle, pop up, and ride a wave while advanced juniors can work on bottom turns, cutbacks and rail-to-rail maneuvers. Group coaching for juniors 8–13 years old and private coaching for juniors 5–13 years old.