We will reopen in Spring 2018. Stay tuned for an announcement about our opening date.

Our Story

Doug Coors NLandDoug Coors brings surfing to Austin, Texas. An engineer and a surfer, NLand’s founder and CEO embarked on a journey 20 years ago to find a wave technology that would create a perfect break anywhere—from the Colorado Rocky Mountains to Texas Hill Country. Doug’s dream is now a reality.

Every Surfer’s Dream

NLand is the only surfing destination of its kind in North America, creating long, consistent and barreling waves for novices, passionate travel surfers and world-class competitors alike.

NLand partnered with Spanish engineering firm Wavegarden, widely considered the world leader in wave technology .

Respect for the Environment

NLand’s commitment to environmental stewardship began long before shovels hit the ground. Doug and his team engineered a unique rainwater catchment system to ensure NLand would not use the region’s precious water resources.

Rainwater is channelled to a wet pond and bio-filtered by algae and fish before it moves to a deep reservoir and through the filtration system for treatment. Even in the most challenging drought conditions, NLand’s lagoon is self-sustaining.

NLand’s conservation efforts can be seen elsewhere in the park. For example, topsoil was preserved when invasive species were recycled and replaced with native plants and grasses. NLand’s on-site restaurant sources ingredients from local farms and ranches near Austin.

Make Waves

We make over one million perfect, sustainable waves each year thanks to the sweat, perseverance and brilliance of literally hundreds of people who believed in this dream. We’re grateful for their contributions and thrilled to share our waves with you.


Let’s go surfing.