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Journey to the Reef


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What does it take to learn to surf?

Follow a first-time surfer as she finds out...

Madison had never surfed, but she wanted to learn how before leaving for college. She had just one summer to achieve her  goal of catching the Reef Wave, NLand’s most challenging wave. Over the summer, she took a series of lessons with NLand Training Center Coaches. Watch our Journey to the Reef series to find out how she did.

Journey to the Reef – Episode One

What is it like to work with a surf coach at NLand Training Center? Find out as we follow first-time surfer, Madison, on her  #JourneytotheReef

Journey to the Reef – Episode Two

Follow Madison as she practices what she learned in her New Surfer lesson, this time with two friends, one wake surfer and one who has never surfed. #JourneytotheReef

Journey to the Reef – Episode Three

Madison tries the Inside Wave for the first time with coach Simone, and makes a new friend from New Jersey. #JourneytotheReef

Journey to the Reef – Episode Four

Watch as Madison practices Reef Wave takeoffs in her Intro to Reef surfing lesson with Brian, an NLand coach who learned to surf at NLand. #JourneytotheReef

Journey to the Reef – Episode Five

Watch Madison practice Reef takeoffs with her coach Ray in preparation for surfing the Reef Wave for the first time on her own. #JourneytotheReef

Journey to the Reef – Episode Six

In our final episode, Madison surfs the reef. Watch her catch a few waves then reflect on her summer of surf. Congrats, Madison, and best of luck at college!