For mechanical reasons, we will be closed until further notice. We will keep you informed of our opening schedule.

Yoga on the Shore

Saturdays at noon, join a complimentary yoga class on NLand’s shore. Enjoy as a stand-alone workout or take our yoga class as a surf warm up or cool down. Yoga classes are free to join. Bring a friend, and surf our Bay Wave together before or after class. Yogis who bring a friend can surf our Bay Wave together for the price of one.

Double Your Waves

Through the end of the season, coaching students can book a same-wave open surf session for half off on the day of the coaching. Take a lesson, then break for lunch and get back in the water to practice what you learned. Book the lesson online and the open session on site at admission or with your NLand Training Center coach.


Texas College Students Bring A Friend

Book a Bay Wave session online or onsite, and when you show up for your session with a friend and your Texas student ID, your friend can surf your Bay Wave session with you, for free. NLand’s Bay Wave is ideal for new surfers who want to learn together, or experienced surfers who want to teach a friend how to ride the waves.

Surf into Fall.