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Staff_Photo_1E-Z-GO, a subsidiary of Textron Specialized Vehicles, is the worldwide manufacturing leader of golf cars, personal transportation vehicles and ground support equipment.  E-Z-GO vehicles, provided to NLand by Golf Cars of Austin, will transport guests around the lagoon and to various locations within the park. E-Z-GO vehicles can be spotted on golf courses, in airports and now, at the world’s largest surf park.

For those interested in taking their personal transportation off-road–whether at their lake house or spacious ranch–E-Z-GO has a wide selection of vehicles, including the versatile Express S4, currently on display at the park, compliments of Golf Cars of Austin.

With E-Z-GO as our official utility vehicle partner, guests and their boards will traverse our park in style and comfort.

Bring your NLand wristband to Golf Cars of Austin for $400 in accessories with the purchase of a new E-Z-GO vehicle.