We are currently closed for scheduled Low Tide. We will be open again May 4th at 10am!

Surf Events Austin


Live music, yoga, and more.

Yoga On The Shore – Every Saturday at Noon

Every Saturday at noon, join us for Yoga on the Shore taught by instructors from Black Swan Yoga. The one-hour restorative yoga class is complimentary, plus all yogis get to surf our friendly, whitewater Bay Wave for just $30 during the 2pm surf session. Capacity is limited to 32 surfers, so grab a friend and snag your tickets below. Starting Saturday, April 7th, this yoga class will be DJ’d by the one and only DJ Honeycomb. 


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Beach Vibes with DJ Manolo Black – Every Saturday 12pm-3pm

Yoga, surf, dance party. We couldn’t think of a better Saturday afternoon. Enjoy Yoga on the Shore, catch some waves, then head up to the brewery to continue the day party. Surf first, drink responsibly, dance like no one’s watching.


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Trivia With Geeks Who Drink – Every Wednesday 5pm-10pm

Join Geeks Who (surf first then) Drink every Wednesday at NLand Brewing Company, then head to the brewery with your crew of up to six, or just your brainy self. Because crushing waves, then trivia opponents is how you roll. Trivia is free, and surfing first is highly encouraged. Enrollment starts at 7:30pm with $0.50 wings 7pm-9pm.


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Earth Day Silent Disco on the Pier – April 22nd, 11am-4pm

Join us Sunday, April 22nd at noon for a free silent disco party on the pier. The disco party is open to all ages. Moms and dads, you are invited to bring your little ones! A $30 ticket gets you a one-hour Bay Wave session to complete the perfect dance warm up, waves, and restorative day at the beach.


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Cinco de Mayo “Surfeza” Release Party – May 5th, 1pm-4pm

Join us Saturday, May 5th at 1pm for live music, surfing, and our brand new “Surfeza” Mexican-style lager. A $30 ticket gets you a one-hour Bay Wave session to complete the perfect day at the beach.



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Surf With Mom – May 13th, 1pm-4pm

Join us Sunday, May 13th at 1pm for Mother’s Day at NLand, when Moms surf the Bay Wave for free at 2pm, with any Bay Wave session purchased by a family member (kids or spouse). All ages are invited to our Overlook for a special Mother’s Day menu, live music, and crafts for mom and kiddos. The Overlook is free and open to the public. A $60 ticket gets you and mom a one-hour Bay Wave session with a complimentary launchpad lesson.


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CrossFit on the Beach – June 2nd, 9am-1pm

Get a beach workout in before hitting the waves and relaxing at the Overlook with lunch and a brew. Workout tunes served up by DJ Honeycomb. Here’s the schedule:

  • 9am – Arrive, check in
  • 9:30am – CrossFit class on the beach
  • 10:45am – launch pad lesson
  • 11am – Surf the Bay Wave
  • 12pm – lunch at the Overlook


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